Attenuation Due to Hydrometeors at 850 nm Measured on an 850 m Path

V. Kvicera, M. Grabner, and O. Fiser (Czech Republic)


Propagation characteristics, free space optics, attenuation due to hydrometeors, availability performance


Results of an experimental propagation research on a free space optical link at 850 nm on an 850 m long path over a 3-year period are presented. All recorded individual attenuation events were compared with the recorded meteorological situations and the attenuation events were classified according to the occurred types of individual hydrometeors. The records of the attenuation events were statistically processed. Cumulative distributions of attenuation due to individual hydrometeors for three individual year periods, the entire 3-year period, individual worst months and the average worst month from three year period are presented. The availability performance of the FSO link is assessed.

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