On the Optimization of Three Phase-Shift Distributed Feedback Laser Structures using Matrix Techniques

C.A.F. Fernandes and J.A.P. Morgado (Portugal)


Distributed feedback laser, flatness, matrix methods, mode selectivity, phase-shift, threshold gain.


This paper presents a numerical procedure for the accu rate optimization of a three phase-shift (3PS) distributed feedback (DFB) laser structure. The optimization regards the main figures of merit concerning the laser single lon gitudinal mode operation: the normalized mode selectivityS and the flatness F . The normalized threshold gain α th L i s also assessed. A step-by-step description of the numerical method, based in matrix techniques, is per formed. S = 0.78 and F = 0.010, with αth L = 1.18 are achieved for the optimized 3PS-DFB laser structure, which strongly improves the performances reported elsewhere re lative to optima designs for similar structures. Besides, those results are highly competitive in comparison with the ones achieved with the popular quarterly wavelength shifted DFB laser structure.

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