Spatially Multiplexed Beam Combining and Beam Separator Module for Optical Communication Bandwidth Enhancement

S.H. Murshid, A. Chakravarty, and R. Biswas (USA)


Optical communication, optical fiber communications, multiplexing, tapered fiber, helical propagation.


Spatial domain multiplexing (SDM) is a novel multiplexing scheme that significantly increases the bandwidth of optical communication systems by allowing simultaneous propagation of multiple channels of the same wavelengths over a single fiber. All components of this system are common to any standard optical communications system with the exception of two modules; (a) the beam combiner module and (b) the beam separator module. This endeavor reports the construction of simple beam combiner modules for multiplexing four SDM channels onto a 1000µm carrier fiber and two SDM channels on a 62.5/125µm standard multimode carrier fiber. Experimental results and simulated beam profiles are presented and finally a simple bulk optics based beam separator module is introduced.

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