Broadband Hybrid EDFA/RFA using a Single-Wavelength Pump Laser

S.-K. Liaw, K.-P. Ho, C.-K. Huang, Y.-L. Hsiao, and Y.-T. Lai (Taiwan)


EDFA, RFA, hybrid amplifier, pump share, noise figure, optical communication


A parallel-type, dispersion compensating C+L band erbium-doped fiber amplifier/Raman fiber amplifier (EDFA/RFA) is constructed by sharing a common 1480-nm pump source. The gain spectra of C+L band are flattened by optimally dividing the pump power ratio to 1:29 for EDFA and RFA, respectively. In a signal input power of -20 dBm, the average gain is 14 dB for the C band EDFA and 13.6 dB for the L-band RFA when a pump reflector is used to recycle the residual pump power in the L-band. The noise figure value is from 4.6- to 6.5 dB and the polarization dependent gain is less than 0.14 dB. To confirm the feasibility of the hybrid EDFA/RFA, C+L band transmission over 100 km in 10 Gb/s modulation using the hybrid amplifier is successfully demonstrated with negligible power penalty of 0.4- and 0.9 dB for the C-band and L-band amplifier, respectively.

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