Efficient Optical Wavelength Conversions in Wavelength Division Multiplexing Communications

J. Lee (Korea)


optical cross connect, wavelength allocation, wavelength conversion


This paper proposes simple, cost-effective schemes for wavelength conversions in optical cross-connect(OXC) systems using wavelength-fixed light sources and an optical space switch, and provides improved performance in stability and wavelength range and channel spacing. In addition, the schemes avoid the need for the wavelength locking control that is needed after changing the probe beam wavelength from one wavelength to another. The technical feasibility of the proposed prefix scheme is investigated through experiment of wavelength conversions based on the cross-gain modulation. The results show that the proposed wavelength conversion scheme in OXC can be used with a ± 4 dB deviation to afford a 2 dB power penalty deviation. The proposed post-fix scheme does not require an optical space switch.

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