Design and Performance Analysis of a Hybrid OCDMA/WDMA System with the Sub-Band Application

P.-H. Chang, S.-C. Liao, and J.-R. Chen (Taiwan)


Sub-band, optical CDMA (OCDMA), ultrashort laser.


We design the new system, called sub-band hybrid optical CDMA/WDMA system, to achieve efficient power control, and consider that the error control codes can be used in our system. This approach can effectively reduce the bit error rate (BER), compared with that in the sub-band system without applying the error control codes. We also pay attention to the comparisons of the number of the combined users (CDMA+WDMA) between original system and our proposed system. Due to utilizing the sub-band approach from our conception and using the error-control coding application, our proposed system does not need more code length than before. Thus it may reduce the cost and if we increase the code length of each sub-band, it will be applied in many aspects, for example, the increase of the data rates as well as the system capacity.

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