Combustion Characteristics of Furfural Residue and Coal Mixed Firing

C.Z. Zhang, Z. Yan, M. Yang, M. Lu, and J. Zhu (PR China)


Furfural residue, bituminous coal, brown coal, mixed combustion, thermal analysis


Combustion properties of furfural residue态bituminous coal and brown coal of themselves as well as a sample of the above items mixed in different proportions are studied with a thermogravimetric analyzer. The results show that the ignition temperature of the blends is lower than the ignition temperature of burning coal only. The comprehensive combustion performance is obviously increased. The combustion behavior of furfural residue mixed with brown coal is better than furfural residue mixed with bituminous and the combustion behavior is good when furfural residue mixed brown coal at the proportion of 2:1. Based on data analysis, the kinetics parameters of combustion reaction are achieved. It provides a stable theory foundation for economical application of furfural residue.

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