Sizing of Photovoltaic Hybrid Power Systems for Remote Villages

E.M. Nfah (Cameroon), H. Jeanmart, and P.M. Tchouate Heteu (Belgium)


Rural electrification, hybrid power systems, renewable energy fraction, PV array size and generator hours


A new generalised sizing method for photovoltaic hybrid system (PVHS) based on desired annual generator hours has been proposed and tested with varying monthly energy demands (M1) and a constant daily profile of 72.6 kWh/d (M2). The PVHS options were determined using these load profiles and the monthly energy outputs of PV modules that have been computed for Garoua situated in north Cameroon. The results obtained showed that the PV array sizes computed with M1 were higher that those computed with M2 at renewable energy fractions greater than 84.6%. Power options with PV array sizes in the ranges 9.0 – 24.12 kWp and 9.0 – 21.96 kWp were found for M1 and M2 respectively and the renewable energy fractions were in the range 52 – 100%. The annual generator hours were in the ranges 0 – 1784 hours and 0 – 1787 hours for M1 and M2 respectively. The PV array sizes for a renewable energy fraction of about 60% was found to be 41.8% and 45.9% of the PV size required in standalone options for M1 and M2 respectively. This new method can be used for the sizing of PV hybrid systems irrespective of the monthly energy demand profiles.

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