Assessment of Solar-Coal Hybrid Electricity Power Generating Systems

M.T. Oladiran, C. Kiravu, and O.A. Plumb (USA)


Hybrid systems, solar, coal, economics, performance


Botswana currently depends on electricity generated from a single coal based power plant in the country or electricity supplied from across border in South Africa. The country has good reserves of coal and the solar radiation is sufficiently high to make solar thermal attractive for generating electricity. The country is also a signatory to the Kyoto protocol and is committed to reducing environmental pollution by mitigating the amount of greenhouse gases such as CO2 produced from various thermal systems. Integrating the solar energy resource to augment coal fired power systems has good economic and environmental potential. The paper presents 2 conceptual designs in which a solar system provides heat to the feed heaters or to the boiler. The performance of the options indicates that solar power could be embedded into existing fossil fuel plants or new integrated power stations.

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