Breakdown Initiation and Development in the Range to the Left of the Paschen Minimum

P. Osmokrović, D. Ilić, R. Marić, B. Iričanin, and K. Stanković (Serbia)


Plasma technology, breakdown impacts, Paschen minimum, and statistical analysis.


This paper investigates mechanisms of gas breakdown initiation and development in the range to the left of the Paschen minimum. Statistical analysis of experimental results, obtained under closely controlled laboratory conditions, shows that the region left of the Paschen minimum can be divided into three subregions. It is demonstrated that in the first subregion, just next to the Paschen minimum, breakdown occurs by way of the edge mechanisms, often interpreted as the anomalous Paschen effect. In the next subregion, breakdown arises through the vacuum avalanche mechanism, while in the third subregion it occurs via the vacuum cathode emission mechanism.

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