Wind Farm Planning Regarding Extreme Wind Conditions

M. Weimbs, W. Schellong (Germany), and O. Herrera Sánchez (Cuba)


Wind Energy, Optimization Techniques, Wind Farm Planning, Computer Applications and Software Development


Wind energy represents a clean and environmentally friendly technology for power generation. The planning of a wind farm involves a wide range of engineering objectives. One of the problems in the area of wind farm planning is the handling of extreme wind situations caused by hurricanes as a typical weather phenomenon for the Caribbean islands. The paper describes a computer aided decision support tool for the site planning of wind farms taking into account the wind assessment as well as the risk caused by extreme wind situations. The tool is based on a mathematical model describing the critical positions for the wind turbines taking into account the analysis of the historical data regarding hurricanes and their specific categories within the observed area. The model, which represents a novelty regarding the wind farm planning business, is implemented inside the Wind Resource Assessment module of the AWFS (Automated Wind Farm Simulation) project.

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