OLTC Control System using Fuzzy Logic System for Paralleled Mismatched Power Transformers

L.S. Madzonga, J.L. Munda, and A.A. Jimoh (S. Africa)


Simulation, automatic voltage regulating relay, fuzzy logic system, on-load tap changer, and master-follower


In order to increase the security of supply, electricity utilities usually operate the substation transformers in parallel. These transformers do not always meet all the minimum requirements for parallel operation of transformers. This paper presents an approach to implementing a fuzzy logic controller (FLC) on automatic voltage regulating relays and tap changer control system in order to achieve bus voltage regulation within the statutory limits with minimal tapping operations when two mismatched transformers are operated in parallel. This approach uses the Mamdami fuzzy model as one of the softcomputing methods capable of processing uncertain data. The structure of the proposed fuzzy logic controller is presented and discussed.

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