Smart Grid Reliability Assessment

A. Islam, A. Domijan, Jr., and A. Damnjanovic (USA)


Power interruptions, Markov modeling, Boolean Logic Driven Markov Process, power reliability.


Reliability of power distribution networks is expected to change dramatically with implementation of smart grid applications and technologies. Power companies are trying to bring on benefits of high speed computation and communication to the aging grid in the hope of improving the efficiency and reliability of the system. This change has come forth now as consumer, provider and agencies (federal and state) have decided to invest an enormous amount of money to achieve higher reliability and efficiency which finally would reduce the carbon generation and greener economy. It is equally important to have a new tool to asses the reliability of a dynamic distributed system with renewable and other resources such as large battery system; a modern tool is required. This paper explores the possibility of using the Markov model and Boolean Logic Driven Markov Process (BDMP) to determine a method of finding reliability of smart grid systems. It was observed that by modeling dynamic reconfigurations of the smart grid under variable weather condition and by combining modeling techniques, (Markov modeling, Boolean Logic Driven Markov Process [BDMP]), the analysis of the distributed smart grid system becomes manageable and expandable.

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