Numerical Investigation on Flow Field in a 1000MW Tangential-Firing Round Tower Boiler

Z. Yan, X. Luo, M. Yang, D. Yang, C. Zhang, Z. Kang, and Z. Gao (PR China)


Thermal power engineering,Reynolds Stress Model, ultra supercritical tower boiler, single circle tangential firing boiler; numerical simulation


The Reynolds Stress Model and Eulerian Model of The Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) code FLUENT was employed to evaluate the flow process field of two-phase between pulverized coal and air in a 1000MW tangential-firing round tower boiler.The distribution of gas velocity field, the diameter of the imaginary tangential round, volume fraction field, static pressure field as well as turbulence-kinetic-energy,turbulence-disc-rate,turbulence-intensity, in the down, middle and upper zone of the furnace was obtained.The numerical results showed that particle was a spiral upward trend and spiral sedimentation trend, and formed a "W/M" streamline; The tangential velocity surplus residual in the chamber exports was only less than the maximum speed of 22.7%, these shows that the residual swirling in chamber exports was small; From the corner of the down water-wall to the upper pulverized coal burners on the third floor of the furnace wall between nearby area is the concentration VOF region , the water-wall tubes around the region are easy coked; With the increase of furnace, the pressure value become bigger.

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