High Accuracy Measurements of Very Low Flow Rates

K.M. Yanev and G.O. Anderson (Botswana)


Flow, Fluids, Sensors, Accuracy, Error, Anemometer


Fluid flow measurements are used in many applications, such as power systems, industrial process control, fluid pipeline systems and irrigation systems. Quite often measurement of very low flow rates is required with fair accuracy. Fluids like natural gas, petroleum, oxygen and any other fluid flow to customers, power stations and industrial processes on a continuous basis. Precise online measurement of quantum of supply is essential both for payment purposes and for a precise process control. The present research is aimed at designing an anemometer that measures low flow rate very accurately. The flow sensor employs thermistors imbedded in a Wheatstone bridge. To achieve very high accuracy of flow measurements, a unique feedback assembly within the sensor is applied, which enables the measurement error to be minimized and also keeps signal equilibrium at a specific low flow rate. A proper signal conditioning may link the achieved data to a process control and a display. The designed anemometer is simulated and could be applied in real environment. The simulation results show the effectiveness of the device in establishing the accuracy of measurement of very low flow rates.

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