A Sensitivity Analysis of a Thermal Model of Photovoltaic Panel

D. Bigot, F. Miranville, H. Boyer, and A.H. Fakra (France)


Sensitivity analysis, PV panels, Building Simulation Code.


This paper presents a sensitivity analysis of a thermal model of PV panels integrated in buildings. An integrated thermal model has indeed been built, with the specificity of considering the photovoltaic panels (PV panels) and the associated wall as a solar protection of the building. The specific climate of Reunion Island was taken into account, which is characterised by a strong solar radiation as encountered in tropical and humid conditions. The thermal model illustrated here has already been presented in a precedent work [1]. In this case, the model is subject to a validation procedure, for ensuring the reliability of the predictions with respect to measurements. A sensitivity analysis was run to highlight the parameters that have the most influence on the thermal model. This serves as a basis to improve the understanding of the behaviour of the model and to elaborate a future optimization strategy of the model.

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