Elements of Validation of of Artificial Lighting through the Software CODYRUN: Test Case of CIE

A.H. Fakra, F. Miranville, B. Dimitri, and H. Boyer (France)


Modelling, Artificial lightning, building simulation.


CODYRUN is a software for computational aeraulic and thermal simulation in buildings developed by the Laboratory of Building Physics and Systems (L.P.B.S). Numerical simulation codes of artificial lighting have been introduced to extend the tool capacity. These calculation codes are able to predict the amount of light received by any point of a given working plane and from one or more sources installed on the ceiling of the room. The model used for these calculations is original and semi-detailed (simplified). The test case references of the task-3 TC-33 International Commission on Illumination (CIE) were applied to the software to ensure reliability to properly handle this photometric aspect. This allowed having a precise idea about the reliability of the results of numerical simulations.

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