Pinch Analysis for Efficient Energy Utilization in IGCC Plants: Incorporation of Contact Economiser

V.A. Madzivhandila, T. Majozi (S. Africa), and T. Zhelev (Ireland)


IGCC; Elcogas; Contact economizer system; Flue gas


Pinch analysis was used in this work to exploit the amount of energy available within integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plants. This work focuses on the steam path (subsystem) of IGCC power plants only. A case study on the Elcogas plant demonstrated a 4% increase in the gross thermal efficiency of the plant from 47% to 51%. Despite this increase in gross efficiency, the flue gas stream en route to the stack still sits at a high enough temperature for heat to be recovered from it. Application of the contact economizer system to this flue gas stream in this regard can further improve the efficiency according to the energy balance of the plant.

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