Intelligent Agents for Modelling Country Reconstruction Operation

A.G. Bruzzone and M. Massei (Italy)


Modelling & Simulation, Intelligent Agents, Computer Generated Forces


This paper has two main goals: to provide a general overview about country reconstruction process in asymmetric wars; to introduce a new Conceptual Model that can connect Human Emotions (fear, trust, anger…) to something or someone in scenarios generated by Computer Generated Forces (CGF). This interest resulted from the conviction that the success of a country reconstruction Operation derives from the counterinsurgents’ capacity in separating local population from rebels. So, the intent is to model development actions’ effects (positive or not) on civilians’ emotions. In the first part of the paper current applications of IA CGF (Intelligent Agents for Computer Generated Forces) are examined. In the second part, three different real cases of country reconstruction operations are taken back to study country reconstruction process and to identify typical phases and activities and typical actors. In the third part conceptual model is given to reproduce country reconstruction operations’ effects in terms of trust and gratitude toward development forces and fear or anger towards rebels or terrorists.

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