Geological Modeling of the 2125 A/K20 Diamondiferous Kimberlite Deposit, Orapa, Botswana

M.A. Tait, P. Gaegopolwe, and K. Maphane (Botswana)


Modelling, Geology, Diamonds, Botswana, Orapa


The Orapa 2125 A/K20 kimberlite deposit is located within the current Orapa mining lease and has been the subject of recent sampling campaigns by the Debswana Diamond Company. The results of these campaigns demonstrate a complex internal geological architecture and an equally complex distribution of diamond within the deposit. This work describes the creation of a 3 Dimensional geological model for the A/K20 kimberlite body. An explanation of the variety of data used and the development of a conceptual model for formation of the body is given. This work demonstrates how relatively limited, but spatially representative data can be used in conjunction with a good understanding of relevant geological processes to create a robust 3-Dimensional model of an ore deposit. The geological model created for A/K20 is based on sampling ~0.005% of the total volume modelled, yet subsequent testing of the model demonstrates it to be relatively robust. The model described will now form the framework for creation of additional models that characterise the ore deposit in terms of economic value and mining feasibility. In countries where the extraction of natural resources is key to sustainable economic development this type of modeling and analysis is extremely significant.

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