Modifying a WBL Programming System with a Tutorial Algorithm

S. Naidoo and R. Naidoo (S. Africa)


WBL (Web based learning), Educational technology, tutorial program, Online teaching, learning Object, concepts of programming.


Programming is a fundamental part of computer science curriculum, but it is often problematic. Students find difficulties to use programming languages to write computer programs to solve problems. The high dropout and failure rates in introductory programming courses are a universal problem that motivated many researchers to propose methodologies and tools to help students. Although some of intervention has reported to have a positive effect in students learning, the problem still remains mostly unsolved. There are several reasons that cause this learning problem. The most important is the lack of problem solving abilities that many students show. Use of correct logic to solve the given problem in program code, analyze program and create algorithms are some concerns. A WBL model for the teaching and learning of computer programming is designed which is driven by a group of learning theories. Crucial to the model is the preknowledge frames. Hence the model is modified by including tutorial software program designed by the authors as an intermediate teaching aid for pre knowledge frames.

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