A Computational Modelling and Design of the ADIRE Making Process using Modular Petri Net

S.A. Bello, M.L. Sanni, O.A. Odejobi (Nigeria), and F.J. Ogwu (Botswana)


Petri net, Adire, modelling, process control, computational model


This paper presents the design of a computational model for Adire Making Process (AMP) in the context of discrete events theory. The model design is motivated by the need to explore the AMP with the aim to creating descriptions that can facilitate computationally implementable simulation and further experimentation. The model was achieved using modular Petri net technique. We hope to simulate the model using Snoopy, a Petri net simulation software. Our approach will allow us to identify some of the critical points in the process control and provides information on the static and dynamic states of the AMP under different loadings and configurations.

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