Microstrip Antenna Array for Avalanche Radar

F.N. Mohd Isa (UK, Malaysia) and P. Brennan (UK)


Microstrip Antenna, Array Antenna, Avalanche Radar


Over the recent years, the dynamics of geophysical flows such as snow avalances and pyroclastic flows has attracted many interest from the society. Investigating this type of geophysical phenomena is extremely important due to their potential for catastrophic consequences. An FMCW Avalanche radar has been developed in University College London to assist geologist and mathematicians to develop a substantial model in order to validate the theory of the geophysical flows. In this paper the design and construction of an array antenna for the Avalanche Radar is discussed. The rectangular patch element is arranged in 2 x 4 configurations and is fed via a corporate feed that is stacked together on the ground plane. The antenna is first modeled using CST and later is fabricated using Rogers Duroid RT 5880. The results obtained from CST and from real-world measurement are then presented to demonstrate the flexibility of this antenna.

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