A Monostatic Microwave Imaging Method for 2D Dielectric Cylinder

K. Liu and G.H. Du (PR China)


Microwave imaging, Finite-difference time-domain(FDTD), Integer code differential evolution strategy(IDES)


A new monostatic microwave imaging method for 2D dielectric cylinder in time domain is proposed. In this method, finite difference time domain and integer code differential evolution strategy are used as an appropriate electromagnetic solver and global optimization method. A coarse radius solution of the dielectric object is achieved with the analysis of the TM mode and TE mode near-field. And then, with this solution as an initial guess for integer code differential evolution strategy, the optimization is used to obtain the accurate solution. The most important advantage of this imaging method is single-illumination single-view approach. It is not like the traditional method to obtaining the total shape information by multi illumination multi-view approach or other mutant ways. Thereby, imaging requirements is reduced greatly. Performance of the proposed method is demonstrated and discussed dielectric cylinder profile reconstruction cases.

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