Cramer-Rao Study of Scattering Systems in One-Dimensional Space

M. Zambrano-Nuñez, E.A. Marengo, and D. Brady (USA)


Cramer-Rao bound, estimation, Fisher information, scattering, inverse problem.


A Cramer-Rao bound (CRB) study is developed to char acterize the information content about scattering param eters that is contained in reflective (R), transmissive (T), and combined R plus T wave scattering data. The analy sis is developed for scalar wave scattering systems in one dimensional space, paying particular attention to elastic scatterers, which simplifies the signal model (relative to more general scattering systems), thereby allowing closed form expressions for the CRB for special cases. The de rived CRB results quantify the effect of multiple scattering, be it in enhancing or in diminishing imaging capabilities, relative to the Born approximation model which is custom arily used as the standard reference for resolution limits. The paper also discusses the role of the measurement con figuration for scatterer information extraction (e.g., reflec tive data applicable to monostatic radar, versus transmis sive data applicable to bistatic radar).

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