Fast Partial Frequency Spectrum Computation for Real-Time Information Acquisition Systems

C.-E. Ha, W.-J. Kim, D.-W. Do, D.-H. Lee, and H.-N. Kim (Korea)


Pruning, Transform decomposition, GSFFT, sliding DFT


In radar and sonar systems, it is important to get a frequency spectrum on real time. To implement a high performance system, the update interval should be as short as possible, but this requirement is not easily achievable due to the limited hardware resource. Although some fast Fourier transform (FFT) algorithms and pruning techniques may be able to reduce computational complexity, the use of them does not guarantee the best solution. To overcome this problem, we propose a pruned generalized FFT (PGSFFT) combining the GSFFT and transform decomposition (TD). Since the PGSFFT takes advantages of both GSFFT and TD, it is possible to reduce the computational complexity of the system. The enhanced computational efficiency leads to the improvement of the system performance. To verify the performance of the proposed method, we analyze the required operations for the PGSFFT and perform simulations. Simulation results show that the proposed PGSFFT has better performance than other FFTs or pruning algorithms.

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