Iterative Generation of Smooth Maneuvers for Articulated Vehicles

C. Weyand, E. Balcerak, and D. Zöbel (Germany)


Path Planning, Transportation, Articulated Vehicles,Maneuver-based Planning


In recent years, a considerable effort has been made to develop efficient concepts of motion planning. In many cases, the main focus is restricted to special robots or vehicles with simple kinematic properties such as car-like robots. Based on the complex motion of a trailer, these approaches can typically not be applied or adapted to standard vehi cles, e.g. trucks with one-axle trailer. However, from an economic point of view, there is a significant demand for an automation of transport activities that are accomplished both by standard vehicles and on closed factory premises. In this paper, we present an enhancement of a maneuver based planning concept that is extended by an iterative method to generate smooth maneuvers. These maneuvers include a corresponding path segment and a plane-shaped abstraction of the corridor segment that is allocated by the vehicle during the maneuver. Individual maneuvers can be concatenated to provide complete motion plans. Since a path is approximately smooth, high precision is guaranteed and no intermediate stops are required to change the steering angle of the vehicle.

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