Map-Building and Map-based Self-Localization of a Mobile Robot using Scan-Correlation Technique - A New Approach

R. Ray, V. Kumar, D. Banerjee, and D. Bhattacharya (India)


Navigation, Self-localization, Scan matching, Crosscorrelation.


This paper is concerned with the map based self localization problem based on image matching by cross correlation method. The specific aim is to develop a map based scan matching algorithm for robust pose estimation of a mobile robot in the static environment. A scan is a set of range measurement of the features transformed into a binary image in the environment provided by a laser range finder (LRF). By comparing a scan taken at the current pose of the robot with an existing scan, an estimate of the absolute pose of the robot is obtained. Real world experiments with our robot within the office environment show that the pose error is small enough to perform navigation tasks.

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