Development and Experimentation of an Autonomous Vehicle Platoon for Urban Environments

M. Parent (France), P. Petrov (Bulgaria), and C. Boussard (France)


Autonomous vehicle following, Linear camera, Nonlinear adaptive control


This paper describes a control system for vehicle platoon which permits the ego vehicle to track the trajectory of the vehicle ahead with prescribed inter-vehicle distance. We consider autonomous vehicle following without any information obtained from road infrastructure or communication from the lead vehicle. The relative inter vehicle position and orientation used for feedback control is obtained with the help of linear camera installed on the following vehicle and three infrared emitters mounted on the leading vehicle. An adaptive controller for the following vehicle is proposed which deals with unknown leader linear and angular velocities, as well the curvature radius of the path traveled by the lead vehicle. For constant velocity maneuvers of the leader, at steady state, the two vehicle convoy will travel concentric arcs of same radii with prescribed inter-vehicle spacing. Various simulation and experimental results demonstrating the performance of the controller are presented.

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