Real-Time Random Delay Compensation with Digital Redesign Technique

A.N. Ajuzie, J. Zhang, P. Cofie, and Y. Zhang (USA)


Networked Control System, Asynchronization, DigitalRedesign.


Advancement in digital communication and computer networks has brought about the technology of Networked Control System (NCS), where communications between sensors, actuators and controllers are realized through a shared digital communication network. Though NCS has been implemented in many industrial applications in recent years, there still exist many challenges. One of such challenges is the inevitable and unpredictable time delays in input, network and output channels due to communication protocols and shared data network. These delays cause asynchronization between the controller and plant which significantly degrade system performances and may even destabilize the entire system. This problem restricts NCS industrial applications, especially for real time situations. To address this problem, this paper proposes to utilize digital redesign technique in providing random time delay compensation for NCS.

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