Design and Control of a Two-Arm Parallel Mechanism using Revolute and Prismatic Actuators

J.P. Nelson, D. Carruthers, J. O'Brien, and J. McInroy (USA)


Parallel robot, vibration suppression, singularity, tracking


The development of a prototype two degree-of-freedom (DOF) parallel mechanism for application to unmanned ground vehicle sensor pointing and vibration suppression is presented. The mechanism is extremely simple, decou pling the two end-effector DOFs with an easily fabricated and inexpensive connection of passive joints to fast actua tors. The stiffness of the linkages and the high speed of the actuators allow the application of large feedback required for good disturbance rejection. A summary of the parallel mechanism’s kinematic design is presented, and an analy sis of kinematic singularity is provided. The design of a two-axis vibration suppression control system is presented along with experimental evidence of closed loop perfor mance. The prototype mechanism delivers a maximum of 34 dB of disturbance rejection over the target frequency decade of 1-10 Hz.

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