Developing NLP-based Verbal Communication Systems for Service Robots Efficiently by Addressing Different Verbal Communication Tasks Separately

V. Abu-Eid (Russia) and J. Al-Masri (Jordan)


Service Robots, Verbal Communication Systems, Natural Language Processing


Having a Verbal Communication System that understands Natural Language without constraining users to key words or key phrases is essential for service robots to be used in real world environments. Developing a system that understands natural language is a complex task and usually comes at a great cost, that's why typically researches and developers of service robots resort to key words and key phrases instead of developing systems that understand commands in natural language.

This research focuses on practical and cost efficient approaches for developing Verbal Communication Systems for service robots that are capable of understanding commands and questions in natural language. The efficiency of the presented approach emerges from applying different NLP disciples and techniques to solve particular issues in the Service Robot Verbal Communication Domain instead of treating the Verbal Communication System for Service Robots as one big problem.

The aim of this research is to help other researchers and developers to develop intelligent verbal communication systems that understand natural language for their service robots in time and budgtet limited environments without sacrificing the quality of robot's verbal communication system.

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