INS/vSLAM System Implementation using a Feature Point Matching Filter-Combined SIFT

S. Yun, Y.J. Lee, S. Sung, and M. Gwak (Korea)


Relative position, INS/vSLAM, integration filter, IMU,Vision sensor, navigation


This paper aims to implement a target tracking system using a feature point matching filter-combined SIFT algorithm and analyze tracking performance of the system. The system is capable to operate in real-time manner. The presented algorithm is based on the SIFT algorithm and feature point matching filter which plays a role in eliminating outliers is newly applied. And multi-target tracking system is constructed using this algorithm based on LabVIEW programming in PC environment. Finally, INS/vSLAM integrated navigation system is constructed using the proposed feature point matching filter-combined SIFT algorithm and performance of the system is verified via indoor test by comparison between KLT algorithm and the proposed SIFT algorithm used as the feature point tracking method.

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