A Tool Kit of New Model-based Methods for Programming Industrial Robots

J. Rossmann, C. Schlette, and H. Ruf (Germany)


Programming, Robot Simulation, Online Modeling.


In this article a set of new methods for the programming of industrial robots is described that has been developed as part of the ProDemo research project. These model based methods offer the benefits of a simulation system such as 3D visualization, collision detection and path planning while being designed to be suitable for direct application on the shop floor. By using an infrared-based tracking system, spatial information is easily acquired and used for defining trajectories as well as for modeling the work cell. Furthermore, a special Graphical User Interface facilitates an intuitive use of the system without expert knowledge and the step-by-step exploration of the work cell with robot-mounted sensors. The system approach aims at reducing the effort and the cost of the setup of robotic systems in order to support the cost-effective deployment of automation technology in small and medium enterprises (SME).

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