Sway Control of a Relay-Driven Crane with Asymmetrical Acceleration and Deceleration

K.C.C. Peng, K. Sorensen, W. Singhose, and J. Danielson (USA)


On-off control, nonlinear actuation, asymmetrical acceleration, input shaping.


Relay-driven and brakeless cranes constitute an important set of industrial cranes used throughout the world. These cranes are constructed with simple components that make them highly reliable and easy to maintain. However, con trolling motion-induced payload oscillations on this type of crane is difficult because of the nonlinearity that arise from their asymmetrical accelerating and decelerating behavior. A control methodology based on input-shaping principles is proposed to address the sway control problem. The crane operator commands generated via the control pendent are intercepted and modified such that payload oscillation is reduced. The proposed method uses a numerical optimiza tion routine to determine how the on-off commands should be modified. Despite inaccurate system model parameters, the controller performed well in experimental trials.

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