A New Bionic Development Approach used to Improve Machine Elements for Robotic Applications

D. Inkermann, C. Stechert, S. Löffler, and T. Vietor (Germany)


design methodology, bionics, robot joints, intelligent machine elements


Development of presentdays products often results in challenging problems. Design engineers have to deal with these challenges and are appealed to generate adequate solutions. A promising approach to improve known products or generate new product ideas is to apply natural problem solutions, which have been analysed in extensive research of technical biologist. However, several barriers, such as spe cific terms appicable to the field of biology, hinder a direct transfer of natural solutions.

In this paper, a new approach is presented to implement bionic principles into a superior design procedure. In order to support the work of designers, a solution catalogue is introduced containing a number of bionic principles analysed with regard to technical intentions. Using general functions and operations, technical problems are correlated to biological solutions on an abstract level. Suitability of the approach is proven by the development of a novel robot joint able to store energy and support actual drives.

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