Design of a Hybrid Powered 2D Biped Walking Machine for Studying Rough Terrain Locomotion

B.C. Baker, T.N. Faddis, and G.P. Strunk (USA)


biped, rough-terrain, walking


Bipeds hold tremendous promise as mobile robot vehicles because of their potential to travel across a larger percentage of rough terrain than other types of mobile robots. However, bipeds are Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO) dynamically unstable systems, which makes the task of walking across rough terrain difficult. This paper outlines the design of the Jaywalker hybrid-powered biped walking machine with 11 DOF. The hip, knee and ankle are all 1 DOF revolute joints, and the telescoping thigh is a 1 DOF planar joint. Its purpose is to be used as a test vehicle for new adaptive control strategies and compliant mechanisms that will improve biped locomotion across rough terrain. The Jaywalker uses electric stepper motors to power the hip, pneumatic rams to power the knee, and both pneumatic and electric power together at the ankle.

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