Inverse Kinematics for Arbitrary Orientation of Hexapod Walking Robots with 3-DOF Leg Motion

M. Agheli and S.S. Nestinger (USA)


Walking robot, Inverse kinematics, Object manipulation.


The use of legged robotic systems has dramatically increased due to the impracticality of maneuvering wheeled robots over irregular terrain. The major trend has been the use of hexapod walking robots due to its innate static balance. In order to control the motion of the robot and enable it to walk and manipulate, the inverse kinematics solution of the robot is necessary. This paper presents a very clear and concise inverse kinematics solution for the arbitrary orientation of hexapod walking robots with 3-DOF legs. The inverse kinematics solution is also presented in an algorithm for future users of hexapod robots. The solution has minimum possible calculations making it suitable for rapid calculation during motion. The presented solution is verified through both simulation and a physical experiment.

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