A Graphene Probe for Sensing Flow Velocity

Y. Cui (USA)


Graphene; nanoelectronics; sensing; flow velocity; microfluidics


The development of a miniaturized sensing platform for the detection of flow velocity could stimulate exciting scientific and technological opportunities. Graphene is a single-atom-thick two-dimensional carbon-based material that has attracted significant recent interest due to its remarkable sensing property. Surface science, molecular biology, and chemical and biological analysis are always concerned with fluid velocity and transport. Here, I demonstrate that a graphene field effect transistor incorporated into a microfluidic channel, locally senses the change in electrostatic potential induced by the flow of liquid solutions, including deionized water and ethanol. The results show that the graphene conductance changes are proportional to the flow rates, functioning as a flow sensor. I anticipate that these results can open up exciting opportunities for graphene-based nanoelectronics in liquids.

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