The Study of Pre-Processing Algorithm for Improving Performance of Optical Flow Techniques on Ultrasound Image

S.M. Kim, J.H. Lee, S.Y. Park, S.G. Roh, J.H. Jeong, S.H. Kang, H.C. Kang, and M.J. Seo (Korea)


Optical Flow, Ultrasound Image, Pre-processing, Lucas-Kanade


In this study, we propose a novel pre-processing algorithm developed for improving the tracking efficiency of the optical flow method. The algorithm consists of median filtering, binarization, morphological processing, canny edge detection, contour detection and approximation. In order to evaluate whether our pre processing algorithm increases the optical flow tracking capacity, this study applied the pre-processing algorithm to the Lucas-Kanade (LK) optical flow algorithm, and comparatively analyzed its images and tracking results with those of optical flow without pre-processing. It was observed that with pre-processing, the tracking performance derived from the LK optical flow algorithm showed better tracking accuracy. Such improvements seem to have resulted from the successful segmentation for characteristic areas and subdivision into inner and outer contour lines.

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