A Node State Control System for a Low Power Hetero-Cluster

K. Hayakawa and M. Harada (Japan)


Cluster Computing, Heterogeneous Computing, Migration, Low Power Consumption


PC cluster systems made by general-purpose parts(i.e. motherboard, Intel CPU, SATA HDD and so on) are good cost performance, low power and compact. Therefore lab oratories and small companies make PC cluster systems which consist of hundreds of nodes. In this paper, we consider the possibilities of a hetero cluster system with a node controller which controls electric power consump tion by watt-monitors. It allows to the hetero cluster system to reduce electric power cost in the small laboratories and small companies. In order to control the node state, we propose 2 methods in the system, load balancing method and ON/OFF control method. Load balancing method al lows us to control electric power finely, and ON/OFF con trol method allows us to control electric power coarsely. In preliminary evaluations, we achieved approximately 3W power control range and 14% power reduction rate.

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