A Fair Agent Scheduling Method Considering Individual Time Constraint for Content-based Information Retrieval

M. Morishita, Y. Hara, K. Kinoshita, K. Murakami, and N. Yamai (Japan)


mobile agent, multiagent system, information retrieval, time constraint, scheduling


The amount of information and the number of services on computer networks are increasing rapidly. Such a flood of information and services makes it difficult for users to pick out the best one among them, especially for multi media contents. To overcome this situation, mobile agent technology receives much attention. We proposed an agent execution control method for time-constrained information retrieval. It achieves to find better results in a case where a retrieved information can be scored. In this method, how ever, it is assumed that each agent has the identical con straint time. It leads a disparity in the quality of obtained results between users who give individual constraint time. In this paper, we propose a fair scheduling method to re solve this problem. Finally, simulation experiments show its excellent performance.

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