Evaluation of a Social Multiplayer Game Featuring Multimodal Interaction

A.I. Wang and E.A. Føllesdal (Norway)


Multimedia Systems, Mobile and WirelessComputing, Software Evaluation, Graphical UserInterfaces, and Games.


In this paper, we describe and evaluate a new multiplayer gaming platform, which combines the strength of mobile gaming, PC gaming and large screens. Mobile phones are used as game controllers that also provide the player with an individual screen for status information, score, game choices etc. By using a mobile phone as a game controller, it is possible for to give individual feedback to the player such as sound, vibration, and graphics. The game itself is played via a PC server that displays the game on a large screen. This gives a unique social in-the same-room gaming experience. The paper describes an evaluation of the gaming platform as well as a specific game, SelFish, where the focus of the evaluation was on identifying strength and weaknesses of the game and the platform related to some design recommendations. The evaluation was performed as a user test where 91 subjects participated by playing a game, and then filling out a questionnaire. The results reveal some design flaws, issues related to the use a mobile phone as a game controller, and some social effects of the game.

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