MarlinDB - A High-Speed, Scalable, Distributed Database

I. Roşoiu and T. Crivăţ (Romania)


distributed database, highspeed, keyvalue, priority, scalability, realtime


With the explosive growth of the Internet, web services that offer real-time experiences to their users are faced with dif ficult problems, because handling an ever increasing num ber of clients leads to scalability issues. Handling those problems by using relational database management sys tems together with replication and caching improves the situation only by a small factor, that further decreases when the majority of operations are writing data. We propose a database system that can scale with ease and that can handle more users by adding additional nodes to the sys tem. Our database performs almost as good when using write operations as when reads are predominant. Further more, to increase the overall performance of the system, the database automatically prioritizes access to the data ac cording to the actual user query patterns.

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