Composing Objects in Open Contexts using Dynamic Links

M. Rytter and B.N. Jørgensen (Denmark)


Software engineering, software design, dynamic links, open contexts, software evolution, dynamic composition.


In object-oriented software development, the use of links between objects is often constrained by developers’ ability to anticipate the need for static association at the class level – i.e. declaration of fields and corresponding accessor and modifier methods. Failing to anticipate the need for links may lead to evolutionary pressure – i.e. introduction of as sociations. We propose dynamic links, an approach that allows for creation, deletion, and navigation of links be tween objects of statically unrelated classes. Our approach reduces evolutionary pressure by eliminating the need for static associations between classes with no functional de pendencies. In doing so, it facilitates object-oriented mod eling of open contexts, whose scope may change in unan ticipated ways at runtime.

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