On Property-based Attestation

S.-J. Li and Y.-P. He (PR China)


Trusted Computing, Remote Attestation, Propertybased attestation, Privacy Analysis


Remote attestation is an important technique for establish ing trust among distributed systems and includes two major attestation schemes: binary attestation and property-based property. Property-based attestation is the countermeasure for the drawbacks of binary attestation such as privacy disclosing,maintaining big trusted configuration library at verifiers. However, it is not clear what are the relations between platform configurations and properties. The rela tions between configurations and properties may affect ca pability of privacy-preserving in property-based attestation. We give a formal definition of platform configuration and property and elaborate the maps or translation from plat form configurations to properties. And then, the privacy of property-based attestation scheme is analyzed, according to particular internal structure of configuration and their maps to properties.

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