D.I.P. - A Digital Interactive Pinboard with Support for Smart Device Interaction

S. Thelen, D. Cernea, P.-S. Olech (Germany), A. Kerren (Sweden), and A. Ebert (Germany)


Mobile Device Interaction, Visual Tagging, Large Display, Information Hotspot, Human-Computer Interaction


Smart phone devices are more popular than ever and be cause of their processing power able to deal with almost any kind of multimedia content, i.e., videos, audio, images, and text documents. Files are often shared in direct ways, for example via email, or by uploading them to one of the popular internet platforms. In this paper we present the Digital Interactive Pinboard (DIP), an alternative approach for sharing multimedia files via smart phones on large display systems. DIPs are based on the idea of traditional bulletin boards and like these set up in well visited places, so called hotspots. Systems implementing the approach do not just act as passive public displays, but support a series of advanced interaction concepts optimized for smart phones. DIPs imply a strong social component, since physical presence is required to interact with board items that can be organized based on various group-specific criteria. We argue that a combination of physical and virtual aspects has impact on how users interact with the system and the way information is perceived. We introduce and analyze the approach from a conceptual point of view, as well as from the implementation side. We further describe two scenarios in which our approach has been employed to exchange information in well-frequented locations.

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