Voltage Control in Distribution System with Large Amount of Photovoltaic Generations

S. Sekizaki, M. Aoki, H. Ukai, T. Shigetou, and S. Maru (Japan)


Distribution system, Voltage regulation, Photovoltaic generator, SVR


Recently, large amount of Photovoltaic generators (PV) connected to distribution systems have been increasing in Japan. Since reverse power flow from PV to distribution system causes the rise and the sudden change of voltage, voltage need to be compensated. Step Voltage Regulator (SVR) is well known as the one of control equipments used in distribution system which has long line. However, SVR can not regulate voltage changed rapidly because tap change of SVR is delayed against variation of voltage, and deviation of voltage occurs temporarily when large amount of PVs are connected to distribution system. Moreover, the number of operations of SVR increases when voltage fluctuates frequently because secondary voltage of SVR deviates from dead band of SVR frequently due to PV. To prevent these problems, various methods using control equipments that output reactive power have been studied. However, since such equipments always don’t have sufficient available capacity to regulate voltage, control method of voltage using only SVR is needed. In this paper, the new algorithm of SVR controlled by using solar radiation sensor is proposed to prevent deviation of voltage and reduce the number of operations of SVR. Effectiveness of the proposed control method is confirmed by numerical simulation.

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