Influence of Accelerate Electron Ray on Photoelectric Properties of AlGaAs-GaAs Solar Cells and Optimization of Solar Cells

M. Sojoudi, R. Madadov, and T. Sojoudi (Iran)


solar cells, Heterojunction, accelerated electron rays


Experimental applications show that the solar cells, after working for some time, will be damaged. In this research for preventing of this behaviuor, a new approach is suggested; "the influence of accelerated electron rays on the photoelectric property of solar cells ". In this way, usage of Heterojunction, the sunlight with different kinds of spectral and accelerated electron rays on solar cells will be considered. At last the efficiency (η), short circuit current density (JSC) and the open circuit voltage (VOC) of solar cells and the parameters of solar cell will be improvement accordingly with the electron rays during testing in laboratory and theoretical knowledge base. This procedure will prevent of solar cell photoelectric property in life time duration.

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