Clustered Multi-Level Hierarchy for Secondary Power System Control

M. Lingemann, E. Ortjohann, W. Sinsukthavorn, S. Jaloudi (Germany), and D. Morton (UK)


Distributed Generation, Secondary Control, Grid Integration of RESs, Virtual Power Plant, Smart Grid.


Distributed generation technologies such as photovoltaic, wind energy, fuel cells and micro turbines are emerging. However, the increased grid integration of these sources leads to significant structural changes for grid automation and control. Nevertheless, still no sufficient strategies for active grid integration of distributed generation units and their participation in grid control are available. New flexible concepts for control of the power system are required to ensure stable and secure operation. This requirement is spurred by more frequent outages, caused by increasing load demands, and a high ratio of obsolete power plants and power lines that have to be replaced. Combined with advanced control strategies, distributed generation technologies are effective potential to provide and support secured power supply. This paper introduces a multi-level control strategy for efficient grid integration of distributed generation units and especially increases availability and reliability of future power systems. It furthermore paves the way for advanced power system optimization and management functions like virtual power plants, etc.

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